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Discover the Loire Atlantique by bike!

Découverte de Pornic à vélo

Pornic, a step of the vélodyssée

The “Vélodyssée” is France’s longest European bicycle, connecting Roscoff to Hendaye. More than 1400 km by bike along the Atlantic coast. Around Pornic, the 83.3 km "St-Brévin - Ile de Noirmoutier" section is divided into 4 steps.

  • Saint Brévin: Pornic (25.7 km)
  • Pornic/ Les Moutiers en Retz (15.7 km)
  • Les Moutiers en Retz/ Bouin (18.3 km)
  • Bouin/ La Barre de Monts - Fromentine (34.4 km)

This section of the Vélodyssée, common with the Sud Loire part of Vélocéan, is a pleasant course, very well signposted, along the coast of Jade from the mouth of the Loire to the Pointe de St-Gildas, then in the hollow of Bourgneuf Bay.

Velolocéan is a secure route thanks to well-designed trails, within everyone’s reach!
The course is precisely marked, you just have to let yourself be guided and enjoy!

The campsite La Boutinardière offers a bike rental service at the reception.

Take the bike route "velocean" from the campsite

In the direction of "Port du Collet" to "les Moutiers":
Admire a multitude of beaches separated by spikes of wood to the small port of Collet, nestled at the bottom of the Baie de Bourgneuf. An iodized course, which you can punctuate with a swim or a tasting of the famous local oysters.

In the direction of St Michel chef chef:
From Pornic to St Michel-Chef-Chef, let yourself be led along a two-coloured itinerary: from the blue of the ocean with its fisheries and its port of which Pornic offers a wonderful postcard, enriched with authentic pleasures and ancestral activities, to the green of the Gâtineaux pond, where fauna and flora have decided to reign as masters.


Balade à vélo dans le marais breton

Hiking trails:

La côte de jade et ses pêcheries

The path of "sentier des douaniers"

It is 14 km long and allows you to walk along the entire coast, from Pointe Saint-Gildas to the large beach of Bernerie-en-Retz, via the beach of Boutinardière. During your walk you will discover various landscapes: wild coast, dizzying cliffs, numerous coves, long beaches…

The fisheries circuit

11 km long, leave the beach of la Boutinardière at the bottom of the campsite and let yourself be seduced by the setting of the Fontaine aux Bretons then enjoy the charm of the quiet alleys of “La Joselière” and “La Birochère”, former fishing hamlets. The trail will lead you to the “Prédaire” and “Joselière” dolmens fisheries. Then continue to the thalassotherapy of Pornic where was formerly the casino of the Source to reach the garden of Gourmalon from where you will have a magnificent view on the port of Pornic.
Through this circuit you will discover inshore fishing practices admiring the fisheries sometimes braving the weather in order to trap in their tiles and sea treasures such as bars, soles or congres. When the sea withdraws, the fish locks reveal themselves, as well as the fauna and flora of the foreshore.

The "Trou de l’Enfer" circuit

At low tide, discover the foreshore, coves and small treasures of the coast of La Bernerie en Retz.
Set off at low tide from La Boutinardière beach and discover the famous Hole of Hell. This golden rock pierced through offers a very special sound when the wind blows. This is called "the sound of hell". Then head to the small beach of La Rinais where you will discover the Voruz Tower but also the vestiges of a tap inlaid in the cliff. It was here that some curists came to drink the famous ferruginous water at the beginning of the 20th century. Continue towards the large beach of Bernerie and discover this landscape of small coves, multicoloured cliffs or caves dug by the assaults

The "Collet" circuit

At "Les Moutiers en Retz", a walk in a protected area marsh and dune where you will observe the numerous fisheries mounted on stilts that dominate the ocean. You will also be seduced by the magnificent panorama of the Bay of Bourgneuf and the island of Noirmoutier.
Reach the picturesque port of Le Collet where at low tide thousands of birds peck on the great mud. Enter the heart of the Breton marsh and be amazed by the unspoiled nature, before returning to the charming village of Moutiers en Retz.

paysage dunaire et sauvage au collet


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